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Toxic Waters: From Air to Water Waste

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Revolutionary Family Travel

This is a really cool story about a family that are traveling the world without using motorized transport as a way to teach people about earth-friendly ways of life. If they can do it, so can we. This is a awesome example of people who are leading a revolution.

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Recycled Surfboards - Very Cool

Here is a link to a cool story from CNN about a man who is making surfboards from recycling the waste from making surfboards. He is doing his part to lead a revolution!

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CCLI on The Journey Home with Diego Mulligan

Hey Everyone,

Hopefully some of you heard on us the radio talking about Lead Your Revolution. Robb and I went on the show and shared how to get involved. Here is a link to the page where you can download the show and listen:

Check it out! And keep sharing what you are doing for clean energy in America!


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Latest Photos from the Gulf Oil spill

a long road to recovery as oil continues spilling into the gulf , these pictures evidence the damage and devastation this senseless event have caused. These pictures can also serve as inspiration to make changes in how we live on this planet. Walk softly, leave no trace.…


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Things coming up:

So, I have some things I need to purchase and will be documenting how they go. I am planting a garden this year (or trying my best too!) and I need to get some containers to plant in. I'm going to begin my search this Friday afternoon at Goodwill. I also need a new dress to wear for my friend Savannah's 23rd birthday. She wants to have a classy party with all the fixings and according to her invite to me I can't wear my ripped jeans and slippers (my usual uniform). I will begin looking for that… Continue

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My Revolution

This year I have vowed to buy nothing new except food, art supplies, and things like toothpaste or shampoo for the next year. I was inspired to do this through an article I read a while back about a community that did the same. They would pass down clothes, trade kitchen items, or recycle things into toys for their children. So far it has been exciting having to hunt for working used things. And it has made me get creative about fixing things that I might have thrown away before. The next step… Continue

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