Let's lead by example and enact a greenhouse gas emission fee

The business community, civil society, indeed people all around the world are waking up to - and speaking out about - the fact that if we sincerely care to address human induced climate change we no longer can externalize the cost of our greenhouse gas emissions but rather we must put an escalating price on the carbon dioxide and methane pollution that pervades our economy. See the article below on the host of responsible voices including business leaders that are pressing for progress on pricing carbon right now at the United Nations conference taking place in New York City. 


In New Mexico businesses can get behind this call for a revenue neutral greenhouse gas emission fee and dividend by joining the New Mexico Coalition of Businesses taking the Climate Leadership Pl...

Here in Santa Fe we don't have to wait until a new global treaty is negotiated or ratified, nor do we have to wait until our nation enacts legislation for carbon pricing. We can act now (like Boulder, Austin, Portland and a few other other leading cities are doing in one form or another) to establish a municipal greenhouse gas emission fee and climate action fund so that we take responsibility locally and in the mean time spawn all sorts of economically and environmentally empowering initiatives. We can do this in a way that is progressive for the people, rather than regressive, by using the fund to spawn solar hot water heating and weatherization in low income neighborhoods as well as water catchment and pv on pubic school roof tops for example. There are many ways that this can be done in an empowering way for our people, and therefore there is no excuse for not taking responsible action.

It's time to be a beacon of light to the nation and the world by community leadership and self determination.

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