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Worldwide Turmoil in Conventional Energy Underscores Value of Scaling Renewables & Conservation

Our hearts go out to the Japanese people as they deal with the nuclear crisis and the aftermath of their most devastating earthquake and tsunami. We offer our support and affection as they nobly begin the long process of rebuilding their country.

It's clear that this very sad and unfortunate nuclear crisis will deeply affect the nuclear industry as far as safety perceptions and permitting of new projects go. And while it is also clear that nuclear offers the world a major way forward…


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The Middle East should be a wake up call for economic freedom, clean energy independence and democracy in America

Our economic recovery is in serious jeopardy because of our dependency on foreign oil coming to the forefront now from the high price of crude oil with the turmoil in the Middle East. Even Saudia Arabia, and its immediate neighbors, are not immune to major changes from within which could lead to brutal retaliation from the top and then who knows what will ensue. We at CCLI applaud…


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Our future pays the price for the fossil fuel industry's irresponsibility; imagine if America shouldered the real price today...

While natural gas could serve as an interim energy source that could among other things help in our vehicle fleet as we transition away from the dirtier C02 emitting fossil fuels of oil & coal and while it can also help provide us energy independence, the natural gas industry must come clean with the American public.  President Obama's inclusion of natural gas as a "clean energy" in his State of the Union is untrue and inappapropriate because the industry is concealing the truth and…


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