Planning Sustainable Spring Break Trips

Beaches, music festivals, road trips, and old friends. Yep, Spring Break is here. But that doesn’t mean that we should take a break from being sustainable. Here are a few tips to help you and the environment:


1) Carpool - This is an easy one but, unfortunately, one that isn’t done often enough. I’m headed out to Cali this week. 8 days. 12 people. And only 1 car.


2) Conserve - Figures show that when we’re on vacation many of us use much more water and electricity than we would at home. We leave on the TV when we’re not watching; we take longer and more frequent showers; and we leave our phone chargers and small appliances plugged in. Rather, use the same eco-friendly habits you use at home. 


2) Recycle - Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t recycle. Rather, you should probably recycle more because we usually use more recyclable products when we’re away from home. Yes, it may take a little more time trying to find a recycle bin but it’s worth the effort.


4) Reusable water bottle- I go through a ton of water when I’m on vacation and I’d go through at least a dozen plastic water bottles everyday if I didn’t use my reusable water bottle. It’s a small investment with a huge impact.


Have fun and think green this spring break.



Comment below if you have any other ideas.

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